Morir de Amor











 2016 | DRAMA 



In Los Angeles California, Beatriz, a young working woman, lives a self-destructive relationship with a heroin addict who is willing to pay any price to cover her need to get high. For his part, in the city of Guadalajara, Alejandro Maldonado, maintains a codependent relationship in a marriage that has exceeded the limit of tolerance with his wife Olga; an unsatisfied woman, who busily seeks men to satisfy her addiction to sex. When the lives of these characters cross, they visualize an outlet for their conflicts in the search for specialized help.

DURACIÓN: 82 min

IDIOMA: Español

DIRECTOR: Jorge Araujo

FOTOGRAFÍA: Adrián Araujo


Eduardo España

Mariana Guerrero

Patricia Lupercio

Luis Aldana

Enoc Aguado

PRODUCTOR: Mayte Arenas